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Sky City Communications is pleased to announce that we now offer energy saving lighting solutions for our key Government and Commercial clients on a national distribution program.


Sky City Communications distribution program

Sky City Communications is a certified distributor of energy saving induction lighting fixtures assembled in America. These products further enhance our mission to provide a broad range of innovative systems that out performs today’s conventional products without compromise.


In today’s market, energy cost savings are probably the number one reason for business owners and facility managers to consider upgrading from inefficient incandescent; metal halide and high pressure sodium type lighting. High intensity discharge fixtures were the fixtures of choice for more than 30 years and still exist in thousands of Government and commercial facilities. Sky City Communications now is a nationwide distributor of INDUCTION LIGHT FIXTURES which save on “full life cycle” usage for.


Energy Savings


Induction Lighting

Induction lighting works similarly to conventional fluorescent lighting, but without the need for electrodes. Without electrodes induction lamps have the benefit of an extended life that is far beyond traditional electrical lamps, very high energy efficiency, minimal Lumen depreciation, “instant-on,” and environmentally friendly, end-of-life recycling capabilities. Induction lamps offer benefits of up to savings of 35-55% in energy and maintenance costs versus other types of lamps in commercial and industrial applications.

Without filaments problems such as heat, vibration or seal breach, the WDI induction lamp has an estimated lamp life of 60,000 to 100,000 hours. Heat on the lamp is managed by the convection properties of the surrounding air or radiated into the fixture, heat sink (internal inductor lamps) or the glass of the lamp. Vibration is non-existent in induction lamps since there are no moving high frequency filaments to cause failure. Seal breach is also minimized since there are no additional access points in the lamp for internal filament components


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Our operational North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes are:


238210 Highway, street and bridge lighting and electrical signal installation
423610 Lighting fixtures, electric, merchant wholesalers
522220 Equipment Finance Leasing
541490 Lighting design services
541690 Energy Consulting Services
561790 Lighting maintenance services (e.g., bulb and fuse replacement)




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